You Can’t Play Tennis Through Rose-Colored Glasses

What is the proper follow-through for a forehand or backhand? What should I be doing with my footwork? What is the best grip at the net? Each of these questions is like asking a golfer, which club should I be using? Don’t feel bad, I see these same questions being debated throughout the coaching world as well. Having a variety of shots available to pull out in a variety of tactical situations is where the real advantage lies.

It seems everyone is looking for that one magic technical pill to unlock the mysteries of tennis, but the answer is…it depends. You have to understand that tennis is an “open skilled sport” meaning that the conditions out on the court are constantly changing, such as the height of the ball, the speed, the spin, the trajectory and where you are on the court. Pigeonholing your game into simple compartments like a follow-through or a backswing, stalls your development and puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

I think the best answer to helping us sort all of this out came in a simple comment by an Aussie friend of mine named Brett Hobden. “The key to player development is in finding technical solutions to tactical problems”. In other words, rather than spending all of your time trying to groove that optimal forehand follow-through, which will only work a small percentage of the time anyway, learn shots that will advance you tactically and learn how to do it from a variety of ball types and positions on the court. Getting back to my golf analogy, golfers can have up to 14 clubs in their bag to help them with a variety of situations they’ll encounter out on the course, such as a driver for hitting long distances and a putter for shorter strokes on the greens. It may help to
think of your tennis game as a giant toolbox. Sit down and do an honest evaluation of where you are with your game and try to determine what tools or shots you’re missing. Begin with the most important tools like a consistent and reliable serve and work out from there. Singles players often require slightly different tools than doubles players and if you’re struggling to figure that out we have several expert Tennis Professionals on hand who would be happy to assist you!

Tennis is a complex gaTENNISme, but if you understand what is happening at your level and can look ahead to the next level and the skills those players possess, you can begin to see what tools are most important in taking your game to the next level.
I look forward to seeing you on the courts!


Ron Steege, Director of Tennis
Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club

Greenwood Tennis Club Grand Re-Opening and Renovation

Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club is excited to announce a new renovation and grand Re-Opening of the Tennis Club on December 3, 2014, 6:30pm.  The upgrade and expansion will improve the lobby, expand the locker rooms and social space, and create new outdoor space.

GreenwoodTennisClub_2According to Paula Neubert, President and General Manager, the upgrades will include a new entrance, lobby, reception area and a vestibule with specialized filter system to minimize the clay between the courts and the lobby. New expanded locker rooms will be added with wet and dry vanities and more lockers.

We are very excited to roll out an expanded observation deck and social area. A new outdoor deck will reveal mountain views and the additional space will be available for team parties or just cooling down outside after a match. This renovation will give our members the warm country club feeling they are looking for at Greenwood.

Greenwood Tennis ClubRon Steege, Greenwood’s Director of Tennis was just elected to the Colorado Tennis Association’s Board as the District Representative on the Intermountain Section Board. Ron is an industry leader who has extensive involvement in both the USTA and USPTA. According to Ron, “This expansion and upgrade is exactly what our membership wanted. Greenwood Tennis Club will continue to be, the place to play clay in the Denver area, now our facility will be the premier facility for members both on and off the court.”

Since 1995, Greenwood Tennis Club has been home to seven indoor clay courts in a fully air conditioned space and five outdoor hard courts, four featuring ProBounce. Greenwood Tennis Club is the USTA-recognized Tennis Facility of the Year with top USPTA Tennis Professionals and award winning tennis programming for youth, teens and adults. Greenwood Tennis Club has been recognized by Tennis Industry Magazine as “Facility of the Year,” Colorado Tennis Association as “Organization of the Year,” and recently by Shape Magazine as “Best in Tennis.” Greenwood Tennis Club is located at 5757 South Quebec Street in Greenwood Village.  Visit us online at or call 303.770.2582 to schedule a private tour.