Women’s Locker Room Update September 9

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Nearing the Finish

Ladies…we expect to open the wet areas of the locker room next week. We passed the whirlpool and miscellaneous other inspections this week. We are scheduled for final fire inspection at 6:00am Monday, September 12 and the final inspection later that day. There is still a lot to be done but the space is coming together beautifully.

Crews will be working all weekend on the final push:

  • Increased number of jets and jet action in the whirlpool
  • Handicap chair has been installed
  • New motor in steam room
  • Painted floor in dry sauna
  • Painted walls in lounge and new furniture is on order
  • Tile is complete; in the process of grouting tile
  • Shower doors being installed
  • All new ceilings have been installed
  • All new lighting (ceiling and sconce) has been installed
  • Glass finishes are being installed

Thank you for your patience as we near the finish line!

Brittany Warly, How Cross-Training inspired this Champion

Brittany Warly is just one example that membership at Greenwood can lead to great things. On April 22, she helped her team, University of Colorado Boulder Triathlon Team, win their seventh consecutive national title and won her first individual USA Triathlon national title. She qualified for the World University Championships and will be representing the USA this August in Switzerland.

Tbritwarly5he 23 year old GATC member has even bigger plans as a professional athlete. She will train with the elite team PEAK Multisport at the US Olympic Training Center. Warly has been training under the guidance of Ken Axford (2015 USAT Development Coach of the Year) since she first started the sport four years ago. Her first elite race will be the CAMTRI U23 Sprint Championships in Des Moines on July 9.

Brittany and her three sisters practically grew up at Greenwood. David Solsberg and Dorothy Warly created opportunities for all of their daughters to explore a variety of athletics at Greenwood. At age 4, the triplets (Alexa, Brittany, Caroline) could be found on the tennis courts with Peggy Bernardis, while the eldest Danielle was pursuing musical theater and the arts.

I discovered my love for fitness at Greenwood. My parents gave each of us unlimited opportunities to discover our passion for a sport. We learned how to swim and play tennis. We did kick boxing, Tae Kwon Do and britwarly4participated in many Kid’s Club activities. Yoga was something I picked up in high school and as I got older I learned to appreciate it more and more. I still practice in the midst of my competitive training schedule.

The fire and love of competitive training and workouts captured Brittany more than any of her other sisters. As a teenager (with the support of her mother traveling with her) she moved to Palm Springs, California to be part of a prestigious tennis academy run by Jose Higueras (former French Open semifinalist), followed by a move to Florida to train with the Hungarian federation national coach, Nandor Veres. For more about Brittany’s challenges in this phase of her life you can read this Rise and Grind article online.

Brittany returned home to Colorado while still in high school. She says: “As I grew older, I started to question what my real motivations [for playing tennis] were and I began to feel the desire of living a normal teenage life.” Exhausted from traveling to tournaments week after week while being a full-time student at Cherry Creek High School, she came down with mononucleosis.

While recovering from mono, Greenwood was the most positive part of my day. I did yoga during this time, a little swimming and had my introduction to triathlon training. I always felt better when I left GATC. The people at the club are like family to me. I would see the same people there on a daily basis, which was comforting.

My good friend Sonja Wieck and Jessica Vitcenda, (a mother of a HS Classmate) took me under their wing and introduced me to the Masters swimming group.  I was in the slowest lane at first, but now I am in one of the fastest lanes. I felt so included even though most of the Masters swimmers were adults. The coaches were so willing to help me. That summer I competed in Stroke and Stride, Aquaman (a 750m swim and 5K run). I used this for cross training for tennis. I did my first triathlon shortly after and was hooked.

Brittany started college with a Division I tennis scholarship at Santa Clara University, but tennis just wasn’t where her heart was anymore. She switched to CU Boulder to finish her Mechanical Engineering degree while competing with the collegiate triathlon team. Competing for the CU Boulder Triathlon Team was by far the most positive experience in my collegiate career and I am so glad I made the choice to transfer. My best friends to this day come from that team. We are competitive, but we uplift each other.
Why did she select engineering?  I was always good at math and science. It seemed the perfect route for me as a type A, hard worker. We sisters all were at the top of our class – Alexa in civil engineering and applied math, Caroline in bio and chemical engineering. My older sister Danielle is a lawyer in Grand Junction. It is safe to say that my family is pretty darn academic.

Greenwood is still my GoTo training gym in the Denver area. When I used to come home from school on the weekends at CU Boulder I would work out at GATC.  Now I come to GATC when I come home from Colorado Springs. Mike Keirns, head physical therapist at GATC, has known me since I was 11 or 12. When I had a bad bike accident last July, Mike was the first doctor I approached. He knows me well and knew what my body could withstand; he gave me hope that I would recover fully and get back to competing. Now I am in my first pro-season, training around four hours/day.  I enjoy yoga, playing the piano and singing.  I also love writing and I have gotten a lot of encouragement and interest on my blog posts .

Brittany recognizes the support of her parents and sisters for her unusual teenage years. My mother practically had a full-time job traveling with me, even spending holidays on the road with me. My father (a radiologist) and sisters supported both my mother and me in making my training and competing possible.

There is no secret pill. There are days when I don’t want to train and I need to remind myself of the bigger picture; I am doing this sport because I love it and I enjoy meeting new people. I am a very social person and I have found my love with the endurance sports family; I feel I fit right into this community. Everyday I am proving to myself I am stronger. I can withstand more than I ever think. It is honest hard work seeking the next improvement always that encourages me to keep pushing. When I hit those moments in training or in a race when time ceases to exist and I’m “in the zone”, it is a spiritual experience that makes this all worth it. Fitness has really been the most balancing force in my life, and for that I am truly grateful.

Stay in touch by following Brittany on her ongoing journey through her blog, or social media Instagram: @bwarly,
 Twitter: @brittanywarly3.

NEARING THE FINISH LINE! Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update 9/2

We are in the last days of the women’s locker room remodel. Estimated opening day for the showers, whirlpool, steam and dry sauna is Tuesday, September 13.

Many things need to happen to hit that target date:

  • Finish all tile and grout
  • Pass whirlpool inspection
  • Paint dry sauna floor
  • Install and fire up new steam motor
  • Install shower doors and all pluming accessories
  • Install ceiling lights and ceiling tile
  • Install drinking fountain
  • Complete the north and south vestibules

The north vestibule will be complete on Tuesday, September 6. That evening they will move the temporary wall in the north vestibule to allow access to the dry vanity and will shut off the south entrance to the dry vanity. At that time they will begin work on the south vestibule.

Final inspection is scheduled for Monday, September 12. That evening all the temporary walls will come down and they will begin night work on the wet vanity and adjacent vestibule.

Starting Tuesday, September 13 we will close the women’s locker room at 9:00pm, Monday-Friday to allow for construction to begin earlier and finish the wet vanity in a shorter time frame.

Thank you all for your patience as we near the end!

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update August 25

We are nearing the completion of the women’s locker room remodel. We hope to open the new showers, new whirlpool, steam and sauna on Monday, September 12.


  • Finish laying tile this week. Start grout this weekend and all of next week
  • Finish laying whirlpool tile this week and start grouting Saturday
  • Install shower doors next week Friday
  • Install ceiling grid and ceiling tile next week

They will begin moving the temporary walls to different locations to expose the vestibules leading to and from the showers. This will include closing off one side of the main dry vanity at various times. You will still have access to the main dry vanity but will be through one side.

Thank you.

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update August 11

We are in the final stretch of the women’s locker room remodel and it’s pretty much tile, tile and more tile! There is so much square footage that has to be tiled including hallways, floors, showers and whirlpool that there won’t be much more happening until the end of August.

We are still on schedule for a mid-September opening day!

You will see another “test sample” of a trash door in the main dry vanity. We want to come up with something that keeps the trash hidden but won’t pinch fingers.

The fluctuations in temperature in the temporary showers is fixed and the water is perfect. We also changed out shower heads in the family locker room so there is more pressure in those showers.

Thank you.

Paula Neubert
President/General Manager

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update August 4

We are nearing the end of our women’s locker room remodel:

  • The fluctuation in hot/cold temperatures in the temporary showers is being fixed tonight
  • We are installing new shower heads in the family locker rooms to increase the water pressure
  • LED lighting in the main dry vanity was installed last week. The shadowing has disappeared. The brightness of the lighting will burn down slightly over the next couple weeks
  • We are pouring concrete for the whirlpool on Monday
  • Prep work for the tile was completed this week
  • We will begin laying tile tomorrow and all of next week
  • Plumbing for new drinking fountain has been completed
  • We are rebuilding the motor for the women’s steam room during the remodel

Thank you.

Paula Neubert
President/General Manager

You Can’t Play Tennis Through Rose-Colored Glasses

What is the proper follow-through for a forehand or backhand? What should I be doing with my footwork? What is the best grip at the net? Each of these questions is like asking a golfer, which club should I be using? Don’t feel bad, I see these same questions being debated throughout the coaching world as well. Having a variety of shots available to pull out in a variety of tactical situations is where the real advantage lies.

It seems everyone is looking for that one magic technical pill to unlock the mysteries of tennis, but the answer is…it depends. You have to understand that tennis is an “open skilled sport” meaning that the conditions out on the court are constantly changing, such as the height of the ball, the speed, the spin, the trajectory and where you are on the court. Pigeonholing your game into simple compartments like a follow-through or a backswing, stalls your development and puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

I think the best answer to helping us sort all of this out came in a simple comment by an Aussie friend of mine named Brett Hobden. “The key to player development is in finding technical solutions to tactical problems”. In other words, rather than spending all of your time trying to groove that optimal forehand follow-through, which will only work a small percentage of the time anyway, learn shots that will advance you tactically and learn how to do it from a variety of ball types and positions on the court. Getting back to my golf analogy, golfers can have up to 14 clubs in their bag to help them with a variety of situations they’ll encounter out on the course, such as a driver for hitting long distances and a putter for shorter strokes on the greens. It may help to
think of your tennis game as a giant toolbox. Sit down and do an honest evaluation of where you are with your game and try to determine what tools or shots you’re missing. Begin with the most important tools like a consistent and reliable serve and work out from there. Singles players often require slightly different tools than doubles players and if you’re struggling to figure that out we have several expert Tennis Professionals on hand who would be happy to assist you!

Tennis is a complex gaTENNISme, but if you understand what is happening at your level and can look ahead to the next level and the skills those players possess, you can begin to see what tools are most important in taking your game to the next level.
I look forward to seeing you on the courts!


Ron Steege, Director of Tennis
Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club

Choose a heart healthy path…


blogpath3Heart health could be the most important physical attribute of all. A healthy heart feeds oxygenated blood to every muscle, every organ and every cell in your body. So what is the best way to ensure you have a healthy heart? The most obvious way to improve heart health is to simply be active.

According to the American Heart Association, you should get at least 30 minutes of moderate to intense exercise most days, if not every day for optimal heart health. We can all find 30 minutes in our busy schedules to dedicate to our heart. A 30 minute walk/run through your neighborhood will not only get your heart pumping but could be just the ticket to clear your mind, stimulate positive ideas and allow you to take in some Vitamin D from the sun.

All activity is beneficial. You only have one heart – take care of it, choose to be active and you will thrive in areas beyond heart health. Aerobic exercise like swimming, biking, or use of cardio equipment will strengthen the heart and lungs by improving the body’s ability to utilize oxygen. The stronger your heart the more efficient it is at pumping blood to the rest of the body and eliminating toxins. Yoga, deep breathing and other stress reducing activities help lower blood pressure and bring more oxygen to all areas of the body as well. If that isn’t enough motivation to get moving, I’m not sure what is!

Hate cardio activity? Yoga not your thing? Prefer to lift weights? That’s okay too because even anaerobic activities like strength training and high intensity interval training teach the body to become efficient at creating energy and recovering from bursts of energy output. Strength training will increase your heart rate while creating both muscle strength and muscle density. Increasing muscle strength and muscle density increases your metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Schedule your daily workout and vary your activities and you will improve your heart health and chances for a longer, healthier life. With all the options available to you, finding something to do for at least 30 minutes per day should be easy. Be creative. Use the stairs in your home if all else fails. I’m confident you’ll find something fun to do it in a heartbeat!


Women’s Locker Room Remodel

Temporary Shower Update:

  • We have finally been able to pinpoint the problem with the hot/cold temperature fluctuations
  • Unfortunately, the problem is not fixable so we have gone to Plan B
    We will tap in to a completely different water line and run new piping to the temporary shower area
  • This will be all night work and will take a few days to get scheduled but we will get the problem fixed

Main Dry Vanity:

  • The LED lights have been installed
  • The lights are much brighter and are lighting the mirrors to take away all shadows
  • We have placed a dimmer on the can lights and decreased the lighting in the middle section of the vanity


  • Whirlpool rebar and plumbing is nearly complete. They will call for inspections next week
  • Whirlpool will be poured end of next week
  • CMU shower walls have been constructed
  • Trench drains have been installed
  • Tile starts next week

Everything is going according to schedule. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update July 22

Moving forward according to schedule:
•        Continuing with whirlpool install
•        Rough wall and hard lid MEP inspections complete
•        Shower walls (CMU block) complete
•        Fire sprinkler rough-in complete
•        Begin drywall/Durock install next week
•        Begin tile install next week

We are aware of the hot/cold temperature fluctuations in the temporary showers and doing everything necessary to mitigate the problem.

The LED lights for the dry vanity are scheduled for install next week Tuesday.

Thank you, Paula