Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club is Hosting the 9th Annual Tri-Our-Village Kids Triathlon

Now more than ever kids are following in their parents’ footsteps and participating in triathlons. On Sunday, September 25, 2016, the City of Greenwood Village and Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club (GATC) are hosting the ninth annual Tri-Our-Village Kids Triathlon for ages 5-16. kids triathlonThe triathlon will feature four different difficulty levels adjusted according to age group. Participants will run, bike, and swim their way through the course surrounding GATC and Westland’s Park in Greenwood Village.
According to Crystal Garland, Aquatics Coordinator at Greenwood, “The 9th Annual Tri-Our-Village Kids Triathlon introduces kids to the fun of swimming, biking and running while also helping kids discover the benefits of healthy activities. On average we have 200 participants and we are looking forward to a similar turnout for this year’s event.”
In fact, the Kids’ Triathlon gives back to the community! Dr. Chip Southern from Greenwood Pediatrics is a sponsor of the Kids Triathlon and his contribution goes to the top three schools with the most participants.  The donation goes to providing schools with much-needed equipment for their physical education department. Last year, the top three participants came from the following schools: Cottonwood Creek Elementary, Belleview Elementary and High Plains Elementary.
lowmarcus-garland-and-sydney_dsc08002According to Dr. Chip Southern, “We have been honored to support the Annual Tri-Our-Village Triathlon year after year.  Greenwood Pediatrics supports our community’s efforts in developing active children.  This event is a fun way to expose the students and their families to a healthy activity and lifestyle.”
Cathy Pate, Greenwood Village Recreation Manager said, “I have the best job of all, announcing the names of the participants at the finish line and watching mom and dad embrace their accomplishments, such a joy!”
Kids’ of all ages really have fun participating in the event, according to Bobby Garland, 13 yeadsc08115rs old, says, “I have done the Kids’ Triathlon for the past 5-years and I really enjoy that I get to swim bike and run, and my favorite part is swimming!”  Nathan Garland, 11 years old, says, “I enjoy the Kids’ Triathlon, and I really enjoy the refreshing ice cream treat, right after the race.”  Marcus Garland, 8 years old, says, “I like that I get a medal as soon as I cross the finish line and enjoy seeing and racing my friends.”
Early registration for the Kids’ Triathlon ends Saturday, September 17 and the last day to register is Thursday September 22 at 6:00pm.

nathan-and-marcus-garland_dsc07869Greenwood is offering a Kids Triathlon Training Camp to help competitors prepare for the events on September 25.  The training camp will take place on September 19, 20 and 21 from 6:00-7:00pm. In these training sessions, kids will practice swimming, biking, running, transitions, and learn race course safety. For more information contact Crystal 303.770.2582 x325 or or visit  Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club is located at 5801 South Quebec Street, Greenwood Village, CO 80111.

Locker Room Remodel May 20

The women’s locker room dry vanity remodel is slightly ahead of schedule:

  • Millwork and solid surface tops are complete
  • Wall tile is complete • Mirrors have been field measured and will be installed next week
  • Paint, carpet and base all to be completed next week
  • Final inspection scheduled for Thursday, May 26

Unfortunately, the vanity lighting in the dry vanity is temporary. The selected lighting has been delayed so, to stay true to the construction schedule we opted for temporary lighting until the selected fixtures arrive. Thank you.

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Update – May 13

Phase 1 is on schedule. Progress inspections have been scheduled and completed:

  • Paint started
  • Lights have been installed
  • Millwork (counters and solid surface tops) are scheduled for install on Monday
  • An additional temporary dry vanity was installed (great idea from a member) to allow for more vanity space during Phase 1.

We are still anticipating install of the temporary showers on Tuesday, May 31 and will be approximately five days to complete.


Men’s Locker Room Remodel Update 9/3/15

New completion date is scheduled for mid-October through early November. We anticipate decreasing the range as we progress with the project.

The main dry vanity is scheduled for demolition Monday, September 14 and will be closed for the remainder of the project. The lockers across from the dry vanity will still be available for use.

Important updates:

  • Drywall will start next week
  • The whirlpool shotcrete pour is scheduled for next Wednesday
  • All MEP inspections have gone according to plan
  • The next time the men will be able to use the women’s whirlpool/steam is Sunday, September 13 through Saturday, September 19

Thank you.


MensLockerRmRemodelUpdate_AUG13_graphicConstruction is on schedule and going as planned! Please check the website blog for updates. We have a scheduled owner, architect, contractor (OAC) meeting each Thursday afternoon so most updates will occur after that meeting.

STEAM ROOM AND WHIRLPOOL ACCESS….Our intent was to purchase a whirlpool and place it on the outdoor pool deck for gentlemen to utilize during the construction. Unfortunately, Tri-County Health Department does not allow temporary spas so we are opting for a slightly unorthodox, but helpful means of giving an option for the men during this time of inconvenience.

Ladies…we are looking for your generosity and assistance! We will be building a wall in the ladies locker room between the whirlpool and the showers to allow men to utilize the women’s steam room and whirlpool for one week at a time during the following weeks:

  • Sunday, August 16 – Saturday, August 22
  • Sunday, September 13 – Saturday, September 19
  • Further dates TBD

This area will be completely blocked off from the women’s locker room and the windows around the whirlpool will be blacked out from the women’s side, therefore creating complete privacy for both groups.


  • Women will access the pool areas through the lower cardiovascular area so come prepared with a cover up or other attire
  • Men will access the women’s steam room and whirlpool through the indoor pool area
  • Men must wear a swim suit while using the women’s steam room and whirlpool
  • Men must shower before entering the steam room and whirlpool; closest showers are in the family locker room located on the west side of the indoor pool

We know this is an inconvenience for our female members, but we also know our club is an extended family that is willing to help one another and we appreciate the support and cooperation from our female membership. Ladies….we will be asking the same of the men when we remodel your locker room next year!

Thank you all for your patience and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Paula Neubert
President/General Manager

Lacking the Motivation to Exercise?

The facts are clear and you are completely sold on the benefits of exercise. In fact, you can probably quote the top 10 reasons why exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself every day. You may even like to exercise yet still lack the motivation to do so. You may also find that you get started with great intentions for a few days, then life gets busy, you talk yourself out of your workout and before you know it, it’s been weeks and you feel unmotivated again. It can be a vicious circle.

One way to improve motivation is to examine your personal why. Give yourself a reason to exercise and you’re much more apt to do it every day. Your reason for exercise may have to be bigger than creating changes in your appearance or strength. Maybe your why needs to have more to do with things like how improving your health will positively affect others in your life, making you an exceptional employee, boss, parent, partner or friend. Many people find their motivation increases when they sign up for an event, race, bed and breakfast biking trip or hiking vacation. Knowing you have an upcoming event to prepare for is a great motivator to get started. Your why can be as simple as having a workout buddy waiting for you at the gym. Everyone has a different why. What’s yours?

Once you find a big enough why, the next step is to create a written plan. Those who work out at the same time every day are more apt to create the habit of exercise. In fact, studies show that those who work out in the morning are significantly less likely to allow other things in life to get in the way. A recent study by Glasgow University found that morning exercise also enhances mood 30% more than evening exertion. Exercise at any time of day, though, is better than none, and consistency is the most important thing. Improve your chances of exercising by placing a written appointment in your calendar like any other important event you wouldn’t miss. When someone asks you to do something else at that time, let them know you have an appointment at that time and plan around it!

The last great motivator is results. Results come with consistency and a solid plan of attack. Create a plan or have a professional trainer create one for you, put the plan in writing, schedule your workouts at the same time each day and the results will come. As results appear, motivation increases leading to more consistency to maintain the results you’ve created.

FIND YOUR WHYpersonal training
Create a plan, experience results and watch your motivation soar.


Sheri Warren, Sales and Retention Manager



We are under way and the project is running on schedule. Anticipated completion date is fall of 2015. We realize the challenges you are facing with limited showers and no access to the steam, whirlpool and sauna. We are working hard to open the steam room at various times during the remodel. Please make sure you are receiving our weekly electronic FYI’s and refer to the website blog for updates. I will be available to answer any of your questions throughout the project. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we improve your club!


The last remodel was 2001. With the amount of usage and wear and tear, the space is looking old and tired. The tile was falling off the walls, there was water build up behind the tile and there are drains/lines that are 28 years old and need to be replaced.
We have received overwhelming feedback, via the survey, that it is time for an update
Create more private shower areas; based on new trends in the industry and comments from existing and prospective members

What areas are being remodeled?

  •     Showers
  •     Shaving area
  •     Whirlpool
  •     Main dry vanity

How will I access the pools?

Access to the pools is through the lower cardiovascular area
Please wear deck shoes and a shirt when walking through the cardiovascular area

Where will I shower?

  • There are four prefabricated shower stalls in the men’s restroom
  • There are seven family locker room showers available for your use. Six are located in the vestibule leading to the outdoor pool and the other is located next to shoe shine on your way to the men’s locker room
  • The family locker room private areas include a shower, sink and toilet
  •  Each of these shower areas are equipped with the same consumable supplies available to you in the men’s locker room shower area
  • Please ask any staff member for assistance in locating the family locker rooms

Will the dry areas of the locker room be affected?

  • You have full access to all the lockers
  • The main dry vanity will be remodeled during one of the later phases of construction.
  • We will notify you when that space will be closed. We anticipate performing most of that construction during evening hours of operation and after hours

What times of the day will construction take place?

  • The immediate demolition is underway during evening hours of operation and after hours as removal of tile and cement slab is noisy
  • Continued construction will be performed during all hours of operation to keep the project on schedule and decrease the timeline

What does the design look like?

  • We have found a way to maintain the original eight sinks in the shaving area. The sinks are slightly smaller and the counters are a bit more shallow than the previous counters
  • The showers will be individual with doors, but the walls will be 54” to allow the space to feel open and welcome conversations between members
  • The tile will match the new tile in the men’s steam room
  • The whirlpool will be completely rebuilt with new tub, tile, motor, jets, etc.
  • The main dry vanity area will be replaced with new millwork, counters, carpet and lighting

We appreciate your understanding as we strive to make your club even better. Please trust we have done everything necessary to make sure the project goes smoothly, runs on time and the end result fulfills your expectations! Thank you.

How to avoid weight gain… Prepared Meals

prepared_mealBeing prepared for your day and/or busy week can prevent you not only from overeating but also from choosing unhealthy foods. Planning ahead is one of the best ways to enhance your health, achieve your optimal weight and feel great.

Here are a few tips to avoid weight gain:

1)      Plan and pack meals and snacks the night before.

2)      Plan the time you will eat each meal and snack.

3)      Have your daily main course meals planned and prepped.

4)      Always keep a healthy option on hand. Leaving home without one may lead you to make unhealthy choices.

If you find yourself too busy to plan ahead, consider healthy meal delivery services such as Eat Meaningfully for delicious meals catered towards your specific needs. Learn more about Eat Meaningfully here>>



Spring Into Fitness

Tone. Define. Tighten. These are the words that most all of us mutter to ourselves at some point before the pool weather arrives. Yes, it is April in Colorado and could snow again in a second, but the cherry blossoms, greener grass and beautiful 70-degree weather we have been enjoying are here to remind us that summer is right around the corner.

Quick. Imagine yourself running outside in shorts and a tank top. Or relaxing by the pool soaking up that vitamin D. Does this make you feel excited or anxious? If the answer is the latter and you’re not feeling ready to be the confident version of you that you should be this summer, now is the perfect time to amp up that motivation, refocus and hit some set goals. Those cold winter nights may have lowered motivation and given way to delicious comfort food, but now is the perfect time to spring back into fitness.

lose weight this springOur personal trainer David Nutting dubbed the “transformation specialist” has designed an effective body blasting metabolic circuit program to help you do just that. His class uses a unique method of training to help you tone, define and tighten your core, legs, arms and shoulders using challenging exercises. Expect hard and satisfying workouts that will make use of suspension training, BOSU balls, weights, medicine balls, intervals, and more. Expect workout homework and tips to keep you motivated and accountable. Get the results you want and feel excited instead of nervous about the approaching change of season.

Spring into Fitness starts April 13, at 8:00am on Mondays and Wednesdays. To learn more click here or register by calling 303-770-2582 x274.