Member Spotlight: Sharon Patton

When Sharon Patton joined Club Greenwood in February of 2019, her fitness goals were simple; lose fat and gain muscle. She began working with trainer Melissa Byers and the consistent changes she noticed while reaching her goals kept her motivated. One of Sharon’s favorite things about training with Melissa is her attention to proper form. “Melissa makes sure that whatever exercise we are doing, we do it correctly. Her focus allows me to replicate it on my own.” Working with a trainer showed Sharon how much she loves weightlifting. A big part of that is because of the safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment of Club Greenwood.

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Like any Coloradoan, Sharon loves to ski and hike. She hasn’t been able to ski moguls for years, but with her increased strength and fitness levels, Sharon is ready to tackle the hills at Beaver Creek. Amazed by her new strength, Sharon is excited to think about the goals she will take on next. We can’t wait to follow along and see what she achieves on and off the slopes!

Member Spotlight: George Casey

When member George Casey joined Club Greenwood in early 2019, he was looking for indoor tennis courts, and everything else that came with them was a ‘bonus’.  He had a meeting with Member Coach Gary Stotler, who connected him with trainer Melissa Byers.  That small step is all it took to help George make a lifestyle change that he’s stuck with for several months, and doesn’t see stopping anytime soon. 

When member George Casey joined Greenwood in early 2019, he was looking for indoor tennis courts. The Athletic Club, classes and amenities that came with them was just a ‘bonus’ until he had a meeting with Member Coach, Gary Stotler. At their first meeting, Gary connected George with trainer Melissa Byers. That small step was all it took for George to make a lifestyle change that he continues to stick with months later and doesn’t anticipate stopping any time soon. One of George’s fitness goals was simply to get healthier and he says that working with Melissa has made all the difference. Melissa helps hold him accountable, gives guidance to achieve proper form and supports him in making healthy choices. In the five months that they have been training together, George has lost 50 pounds! 

George’s other goal was to improve his endurance, strength and flexibility on the golf course. Not only has he done that, but his handicap has dropped from a 30 to a seven and he intends to break five. Before working with Melissa, George had not won any tournaments. Fast forward to today and he has won seven! These efforts have led George to qualify for the Golf Channel Amateur Tour National Championship in West Palm Beach. After many health setbacks including chemotherapy and a hip replacement at a young age, these accomplishments sure are sweet. Thanks to Gary and Melissa, George has a whole new set of fitness goals to match his increased fitness levels. Way to go George! We can’t wait to see what you do next.