Welcome Our New Yoga Manager!

Welcome Malissa Schwamm as Our New Yoga Manager!

Malissa has been teaching yoga full time for nearly 18 years, working as a studio manager, educational program director, yoga teacher, mentor, and creator of Warriors in Motion Yoga. She’s certified as E-RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance and has taught more than 12,000 cumulative hours in a variety of forms including: Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Meditation, Restorative, Fit and yoga for kids and teens.

She has served as the Program Director for Yoga Pod Littleton, helping create the opening schedule and class descriptions, hiring and supporting a team of more than 45 teachers, developing the educational programming for the studio, establishing a mentorship program and supporting the owners in various capacities of franchise ownership leading up to and through the grand opening of the studio.

She is also the proud creator and owner of Warriors in Motion Yoga, an organization that supports the nurturing, growth and development of yoga students through community events, experiential retreats, workshops and weekly classes. Their mantra is “finding freedom through movement,” which reflects her belief that the human body, mind and spirit experience the deepest state of living when they unite through exercise and movement.

Malissa’s official start date is July 2 as we continue to grow this amazing yoga program!


Surviving the Dreaded Lob

Ron Steege, USPTA, Director of Tennis

Do you feel uncomfortable about going to the net in doubles because you fear being lobbed over? Believe me, you’re not alone! In fact, this is probably the number one concern for players at most every level. So, what’s the answer?

From a technical standpoint, one of the best things you can do is learn to love your overhead, and not just at the net. You also want to be comfortable from the service line, no-man’s land and even the baseline! For most upper level players, the overhead is often one of their favorite shots. If your opponents discover that you have a good overhead, they will be less likely to lob you knowing that there will be a price to pay in doing so. From your standpoint, having the knowledge that you possess a good overhead as you move towards the net will breed confidence and reduce your anxiety about lobs in general.

From a tactical standpoint, the first thing to recognize is that you can’t cover 100% of the shots that come your way. The key is in understanding what are the most important areas to take away from your opponents and trying to force them in to shots they may not own. As a rule of thumb, your primary goal in doubles should be to take away more straight-ahead shots that land in deeper parts of the court. This mindset will force your opponents to try for angles that travel in front of you, which are easier for you to react and cover. There’s also a good possibility that this positioning will force your opponent’s shot to travel wide and miss out of bounds.

For a better understanding of these concepts, check out these diagrams:

C and D are too close to the net, parallel to each other and exposed to deep lobs from A.

D is too far back which leads to exposure to balls at the feet and short angles.

Ideal position. Here C has the sideline and can help with the middle and short lobs. D has the middle — short angles and all deep lobs covered.

Ron Steege, USPTA, Director of Tennis
303.771.2588 x394 | RonS@GreenwoodATC.com

How Do You Move?

Sheri Warren, Member Coach

One of the latest trends in fitness is training for the ability to move freely to improve your athletic performance, enjoyment of your favorite form of recreation, or ability to hold that yoga pose longer and with more depth.

This renewed focus on moving the body well with flexibility, pliability and mobility will enhance any end goal, whether it be competing at the national level or getting down into the sand to play with the grandkids.

Not sure how to enhance your overall ability to move freely? We have the answers for you here at Greenwood. Set up a complimentary appointment with me, your Member Coach, and I will help point you in the right direction.

We can review our current class and programming options, discuss how the guidance of either a personal trainer or Pilates instructor could be just the ticket, and even discuss how proper nutritional intake or therapies like Rolfing or Muscle Activation Technique might be what be the missing piece for you.

The good news is, this fitness trend with a focus on moving well has opened up new and functional ways of training the body. You will not only function at your best, no matter what that means to you, but feel your best as well.

For more information, contact Sheri Warren.

Sheri Warren, Member Coach
303-770-2582 x320 | Sheri@GreenwoodATC.com

Discover Your Wellness Why

Kristin Burgess, RD
Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer

When it comes to wellness — the holistic approach to nutrition that includes changing behavior, food, fitness, balance, medical health and frame of mind — we all have wants in mind. Some of us want more defined biceps, and some want to touch our toes in yoga. Some want to run a faster 5K, and some just want to run without pain. Some of us want to lose those tricky 10 pounds. So, what’s stopping us?

The best way to start is to discover your why. Your why is your purpose, the thing that makes you come alive. Your why motivates you to exercise everyday, choose healthy foods, drink enough water and put down the wine bottle. If you haven’t achieved your wants, then you don’t know your why.

You can find your why in the emotion behind your purpose. Why do you want more defined biceps? Because you want to look better in a tank top. Why does looking better in a tank top matter? Because you’ll feel more confident. If you’re more confident, you’ll be more excited about your life. When you wake up excited about your life, you’ll naturally be a stronger role model for your kids, friends and partner.

Your why makes you jump out of bed in the morning. It makes you excited. It makes you nervous — in a good way! — because you care so much.

Dig deep and discover your why. Because just looking good isn’t good enough.

Kristin Burgess, RD, Registered Dietitian, Personal Trainer
303.770.2582 x382 | KristinB@GreenwoodATC.com