Women’s Locker Room Update September 9

Women’s Locker Room Remodel Nearing the Finish

Ladies…we expect to open the wet areas of the locker room next week. We passed the whirlpool and miscellaneous other inspections this week. We are scheduled for final fire inspection at 6:00am Monday, September 12 and the final inspection later that day. There is still a lot to be done but the space is coming together beautifully.

Crews will be working all weekend on the final push:

  • Increased number of jets and jet action in the whirlpool
  • Handicap chair has been installed
  • New motor in steam room
  • Painted floor in dry sauna
  • Painted walls in lounge and new furniture is on order
  • Tile is complete; in the process of grouting tile
  • Shower doors being installed
  • All new ceilings have been installed
  • All new lighting (ceiling and sconce) has been installed
  • Glass finishes are being installed

Thank you for your patience as we near the finish line!