UPDATES FROM OAC (owner/architect/contractor) MEETING

I hope many of you have been able to enjoy access to the women’s whirlpool and steam room this past week. I want to thank the ladies for their support through this process. As a reminder the whirlpool and steam room will be accessible to WOMEN ONLY beginning Sunday, August 23. The next time the whirlpool/steam will be accessible to men is Sunday, September 13.


  • CMU block for shower walls is complete
  • MEP rough in for walls are in progress
  • Ceiling framing in the shower area is complete
  • We did discover a 28 year old cast iron pipe that was cracked and will be replaced along with the cast iron pipe in the same area
  • The whirlpool building work begins today. As an FYI….the whirlpool holds 2342 gallons of water!
  • All cabinet shops have been reviewed, returned and are in progress
  • No lead times on any items including plumbing fixtures and lighting

Please remember, the construction zone is a hard hat area and absolutely no admittance by members is allowed. This is a liability and your presence simply interrupts their work and slows down the process. Thank you.

Men’s Locker Room Remodel Update 8/13/15

We met Thursday afternoon at our OAC (owner/architect/contractor) meeting and I am happy to say we are on schedule. All work is currently happening during regular hours of operation and we have various subs in at different times. The GC (General Contractor) is on site nearly 10 hours each day, Monday – Friday.


  • Slab has been poured
  • CMU block is laid
  • Framing will be complete tomorrow
  • Submittals for millwork are expected tomorrow
  • All tile is on site
  • Whirlpool plans are with Tri-County Health and Greenwood Village building department
  • No big lead items holding us up at this time

Please be sure and read the information related to access for the men to the women’s whirlpool and steam room.

Thank you, Paula


MensLockerRmRemodelUpdate_AUG13_graphicConstruction is on schedule and going as planned! Please check the website blog for updates. We have a scheduled owner, architect, contractor (OAC) meeting each Thursday afternoon so most updates will occur after that meeting.

STEAM ROOM AND WHIRLPOOL ACCESS….Our intent was to purchase a whirlpool and place it on the outdoor pool deck for gentlemen to utilize during the construction. Unfortunately, Tri-County Health Department does not allow temporary spas so we are opting for a slightly unorthodox, but helpful means of giving an option for the men during this time of inconvenience.

Ladies…we are looking for your generosity and assistance! We will be building a wall in the ladies locker room between the whirlpool and the showers to allow men to utilize the women’s steam room and whirlpool for one week at a time during the following weeks:

  • Sunday, August 16 – Saturday, August 22
  • Sunday, September 13 – Saturday, September 19
  • Further dates TBD

This area will be completely blocked off from the women’s locker room and the windows around the whirlpool will be blacked out from the women’s side, therefore creating complete privacy for both groups.


  • Women will access the pool areas through the lower cardiovascular area so come prepared with a cover up or other attire
  • Men will access the women’s steam room and whirlpool through the indoor pool area
  • Men must wear a swim suit while using the women’s steam room and whirlpool
  • Men must shower before entering the steam room and whirlpool; closest showers are in the family locker room located on the west side of the indoor pool

We know this is an inconvenience for our female members, but we also know our club is an extended family that is willing to help one another and we appreciate the support and cooperation from our female membership. Ladies….we will be asking the same of the men when we remodel your locker room next year!

Thank you all for your patience and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Paula Neubert
President/General Manager

We are on schedule!

All floor rough-in plumbing is complete.
Concrete slab has been poured.
Footings have been installed.
CMU block is on site and will begin framing Monday, August 10.

As a reminder, we have been able to find a way to keep all eight sinks in the shaving area. We will have 16 shower heads vs 18 shower heads. Each shower stall will have a door except for the handicap shower which will have a curtain, per code.

We are very excited about the whirlpool design. We are maintaining the same size and shape but are adding jets on two sides that will alternate up and down, and one side will have both a high and low jet along the entire bench. The motor is upgraded and will produce more force than the previous whirlpool.

Our intent was to be able to add a temporary whirlpool on the outdoor pool deck during the construction. Unfortunately, Tri County Health does not allow for temporary whirlpools so we are looking for alternatives. Please stay tuned for more information next week as we will have updates on access to steam and the whirlpool.

Please remember, the entire wet area of the men’s locker room is a construction zone and is therefore, unsafe and hazardous for any non-contract person. There is no entry to this space. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.