Key events for the next two weeks:

  • Monday, June 29 – begin install of pre-fab showers in the men’s restroom; urinals will be removed
  • Friday, July 3 – pre-fab showers should all be working but we will not close the current showers until we are assured the pre-fab showers are operating in the desired fashion. We will test them throughout the holiday weekend
  • Monday, July 6 – Construction walls to be built in the access hallways to the wet area; this will happen during the evening hours and we will begin demolition; we anticipate at least a week of demo
  • You will continue to have access to the main dry vanity during this time

Thank you, Paula

Men’s Locker Room Remodel 2015

Rendering-May-2015 dry vanity 4We are excited to announce a remodel of our men’s locker room wet areas.  Please make sure you are receiving our weekly FYI’s for updates.

The project will start June 29 through fall 2015.

We realize the inconvenience this will cause for our male members and we appreciate your understanding as we strive to make your club even better. Please trust we have done everything necessary to make sure the project goes smoothly, runs on time and the end result fulfills your expectations!

I will be available to answer any of your questions throughout the project and thank you for your patience and understanding as we improve YOUR club.


  • The last remodel was 2001 and it’s time for an update
  • Create more private shower areas, based on new trends in the industry and comments from existing and prospective members

What areas are being remodeled?

  • Showers
  • Shaving area
  • Whirlpool
  • Main dry vanity

Will the steam and dry sauna be shut down?

  • Both will be shut down for a period of time during the demolition and first phase of construction
  • We are working with the contractor to phase the project, therefore allowing us to open the steam and dry sauna at various times during construction
  • How will I access the pools?
  • Access to the pools will be through the lower cardiovascular area

Where will I shower?

  • We will be removing the urinals in the men’s restroom and installing four prefabricated shower stalls
  • There are seven family locker room showers available for your use. Six are located in the vestibule leading to the outdoor pool and the other is located next to shoe shine
  • Each of these shower areas are equipped with the same consumable supplies available to you in the men’s locker room shower area

Will the dry areas of the locker room be affected?

  • You will have full access to all the lockers
  • The main dry vanity will be remodeled during one of the phases of construction
  • We will notify you when that space will be closed. We anticipate performing most of that construction during evening hours of operation and after hours

What times of the day will construction take place?    

  • The immediate demolition of the space will be performed during evening hours of operation and after hours as removal of tile and cement slab will be noisy
  • Continued construction will be performed during all hours of operation to keep the project on schedule and decrease the timeline

What does the design look like?

  • Renderings and tile selections will be available in the lobby
  • The showers will be individual with doors, and the walls will be 54″ to allow the space to feel open and welcome conversations between members
  • The tile will match the new tile in the men’s steam room. The whirlpool will be completely rebuilt
  • The number of sinks in the shaving area will be decreased to five, thereby creating more space for the individual showers
  • The main dry vanity area will be replaced with new millwork, counters, carpet and lighting

Paula Neubert 12Paula Neubert
President and General Manager
Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club
303.770.2582 x309


Tips from Kristin, GATC RD.

1) Eat breakfast within thirty minutes of waking and eat every three hours thereafter

2) Limit starch because it is almost always chemically processed. (ex: breads, chips, pretzels, snack mixes, tortillas, pastas, etc). This is especially true when eating out. If you can read the ingredient list and you know you are not eating a chemically processed food, then choose the whole grain in a proper portion.

3) Choose a fruit or veggie plus a protein, every time you eatstockvault-healthy-eating119775_resized

4) Don’t save your calories for one big mealwater

5) Drink half your body weight in ounces of water

For more tips and information regarding diet and nutrition, visit GATC’s Nutrition Services page.