Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club is Hosting The 7th Annual Tri-Our-Village Kids Triathlon

Greenwood Village, CO; August 1, 2014 – Now more than ever, kids are following in their parents footsteps and participating in the increasingly popular sport of triathlon. On September 21, 2014 the city of Greenwood Village and Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club are hosting the seventh annual Tri-Our-Village Kids Triathlon for ages 6-16. The triathlon will feature four different difficulty levels adjusted accordingly to each age group. Participants will run, bike, and swim their way through the course surrounding GATC and Westland’s Park in Greenwood Village.

According to Crystal Garland, Aquatics Coordinator at Greenwood, “The 7th Annual Tri-Our-Village Kids Triathlon introduces kids to the fun of swimming, biking and running while also helping kids discover the benefits of healthy activities. On average we have 200 participants and we are looking forward to a similar turn out for this year’s event”

The latest numbers from USA Triathlon show that the amount of total youth members increased to 57,846 in 2013 from 51,585 in 2012, a jump of 12.1 percent. Since 2007 youth membership has grown 34 percent making triathlon one of the fastest growing sports in the nation. In addition to getting kids active through the rapidly growing sport, Tri-Our-Village Kids Triathlon provides plenty of fun for families and sense of accomplishment to the competitors that complete the course.

Cathy Pate, Greenwood Village Recreation Manager said, “I have the best job of all, announcing the names of the participants at the finish line and watching mom and dad embrace their accomplishments, such a joy!”

Julie Plumleigh, a participant from last year said, “It is great to exercise and try new things. I love the competition. My sister and I have done it for 5 of the 6 years and we will do it every year until we age out!” Her brother, John, a fellow participant added, “I was 6 and in kindergarten at the first annual Tri. I will always remember competing. It is the best!”

For kids that are interested, Greenwood is offering a Kids Triathlon Training Camp to prepare for the main event. It will take place on September 15, 16 and 17 from 6:00-7:30pm. In these training sessions kids will practice swimming, biking, running, transitions, and learn race course safety. For more information contact Crystal 303.770.2582 x325 or

Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club is South Denver’s premier full-service health club, located in the heart of the Denver Tech Center in Greenwood Village. Boasting 142,000 total square feet, Greenwood features over 125 complimentary classes per week, including hot yoga, Pilates mat, Spinning®, EnergyZone® , Kickboxing, Les Mills’ BODYPUMP™ and BODYATTACK™ and others, a complete Pilates studio, a 9,600 square foot state-of-the-art weight room and two cardiovascular areas featuring integrated TVs and iPod adapters. Greenwood features a 32,000 square foot outdoor aquatics area with the only heated 25-meter, six lane, outdoor-lap pool in the Denver area. The 55,000 square foot tennis club is the USTA-recognized Tennis Facility of the Year with seven indoor clay courts and five outdoor hard courts. Greenwood has recently been recognized by Fitness Magazine, as one of “America’s Best Gyms, for the competitive set. Members can expect an immaculate club, personalized service and attention to detail. Visit


Strength is a crucial component to being able to lead a full life. Questioning that statement? Let’s begin with walking. Without the core strength to keep your body erect and your posture in alignment, you begin to place undue stress on your knees and feet. This results in problems with your knees, feet, back and hips. Everyone now knows and believes inlowerback the importance of core strength, but what about glute strength? Most people only think about strengthening their glutes if they play sports or have activities that require them to use their glutes. In actuality, everyone needs glute strength! As a primary hip extensor it balances out the hip flexors. Hip flexors are constantly used when we sit or perform cardiovascular endurance exercises such as running, biking, stair-climbing, etc. If the hip flexors become too dominate, they can alter posture and change your bio-mechanics. The glutes (maximus, minimus and medius) work to counter those forces and keep your posture in alignment. Strength in this area can also greatly improve the ability to run faster. That’s all well and good for the lower body, but what about the upper body? Most people neglect working the upper posteupperbackrior chain of the body: the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, lower and middle trapezius and external rotators. These muscles not only assist in maintaining proper posture, they also stabilize the shoulder joint and allow for stable movement through a wide range of movements. If the back becomes out of balance with the anterior muscles (pectoralis major and minor, internal rotators and deltoids) postural malformations occur, such as rounded shoulders, head slumping forward or forward leaning.
It is important to not only work the beauty muscles, but also the muscles that hold your body together!

Vic Spatola, Director of Personal Training

Greenwood is a Registered 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training School

Yoga Schools open the doors for people to create a career of their dreams, to have a second income doing what they love, to create an opportunity for a college student to supplement their income or offering a part-time opportunity for parents who want to work while raising their families.

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO; August 4, 2014 – Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club is now a Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher School (RYSs®) with Yoga Alliance.  On September 7, Greenwood will launch their first five week Teacher Training Session with 12 world-trained Yoga teachers. The instructors have a combined 100 years of experience and will guide students through the Vinyasa style. Training will take place at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club from September 7 through October 17 and will include an 8-week membership to all participants.

Marda Zechiel, Yoga Manager at GATC explains, “Greenwood Yoga’s Teacher Training promises to enrich, inspire and change your life. Greenwood Yoga’s Teacher Training is for anyone whether you want to deepen your practice, pursue a career as an instructor or create a part-time opportunity for yourself while you care for your children or add it as a second career.”

A 2012 study by the Yoga Journal found that Yoga has grown from 15.8 million practitioners in 2008 to 20.4 million practitioners in 2012. Yoga is a growing practice in America and the need for teachers will only increase as the amount of practitioners gets higher.

According to a US News and World Report article titled, “Yoga Teaching Increasingly Popular as a Second Career. According to Bill Harper, publisher of Yoga Journal, “The combination of growth of people participating in Yoga and the recession has caused a lot of people to do it as an adjunct to their day job.”

Students will learn breathing techniques and breathe connected movement, in depth Asana instruction and modifications, Basic Vinyasa series, effective cuing techniques, intelligent sequencing and class structure, yoga anatomy, Ayurveda, principles of alignment, as well as meditation techniques and exploration.

Those that are interested are encouraged to come to Complimentary Yoga Teacher Training Information Sessions which include a free yoga classes. These sessions will provide the opportunity to get to know the instructors as well as learn more about what the program has to offer. The first session is on August 13 at 10:55am beginning with a Basic Vinyasa class and ending with a Q&A session on the Yoga Teacher Training Program and then it will be followed by another complimentary Heated Power Vinyasa Class.

Greenwood’s Yoga Teacher Training School is located in Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club, 5801 South Quebec Street, Greenwood Village, CO 80111.  To learn more contact Marda at 303-770-2582 x324 or or